Here Comes The Plane Gift Bundle ✈️ ☁️

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Make feeding time fun with our Here Comes The Plane Gift Bundle! 👶✈️

The Here Comes The Plane Gift Bundle includes:

 ☁️ Silicone Suction Cloud Plate: Crafted from safe and soft silicone, this cloud-themed plate has a suction bottom and is just the right vibe for this set! Here comes the plane! 

✈️ Jet by The Clever Baby: Step into a new era of baby feeding with Jet! This teether isn't just adorable; it's a total game changer when feeding baby purees. Say goodbye to guessing how much your baby is eating – Jet allows precise measurement, minimizing waste and maximizing nutrients. You can also use Jet to give your baby medicine. The plane-shaped teether, with its chilled comfort option, adds an extra layer of relief post-feeding. Easy to grasp and designed for sensory engagement, Jet takes baby feeding to new heights of convenience and joy!

🍽️ Silicone Cloud Fork & Spoon Set: Crafted from safe and soft silicone, these cloud-themed dining companions captivate with their adorable design! This set can grow with your baby into the toddler years!

👶 Clever Baby Onesie: Crafted with love and care from organic cotton in your choice of white or black, your little one will shine in this adorable onesie featuring our signature logo! 

Elevate your baby's mealtime, fashion and fun and order the Here Comes The Plane Gift Bundle today!  ✈️🌟