The Clever Baby Fans

The Clever Baby, you've done it! I think this is one of the best products! I'm a child life specialist and recommend this to families all the time!

- Zoe, child life specialist

As we all know, it seems to be that time of year where babies seem to be sick every other day. I use Jet primarily as a medicine dispenser because my kids hated taking medicine. It was such a struggle - until Jet! There are conversions from mL to teaspoons on the dispenser, so you know exactly what baby is getting!

-Savannah, mom of twins

The Reviews Are In: Doctors, Specialists, Moms, Dads and Little Ones Love Jet!

My baby has Tuberous Sclerosis and takes medicine twice a day! We love using Jet by The Clever Baby! It makes medicine time fun!

-Madison, supermom

My son absolutely loves Jet! It's easy for him to use. You know exactly how much your baby is getting when you're feeding. We just started feeding solids and purees so this is perfect for us. My son is happy when we use this toy and thinks it's so fun! He also uses it as a teething toy when I am changing his diaper and getting ready for the day. We love Jet!

- Britan, busy mom to a baby boy

Making Parenthood Magical, One Clever Product at a Time

As a mom of three - including twins - and a doctor of pediatric physical therapy, there are some products that will stand the test of time and one of those is Jet by The Clever Baby! If you have a baby that is teething or ever need to feed on the go, give medicine to or you just want another sensory toy or soothing toy, Jet is perfect!

- Heather, dr. of pediatric physical therapy + mom of 3

I've been working as a pediatric SLP for over 35 years. The teether aspect gives the baby something to hold onto when giving medication. It has made giving medication so much easier and is a great product to encourage swallowing!

- Frida, speech language pathologist

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