What You Need to Start Making Purées

What You Need to Start Making Purées

What You Need to Start Making Purées

Making baby food purées is simple once you have a few recipes that you want to follow. You can always experiment with different recipes once you learn what your baby likes. You will need the following kitchen supplies at hand to make different purees and foods for your baby as they grow and develop:

  1. A blender or food processor: You will need a device to purée the food into a smooth consistency that is easy for a baby to eat. A blender or food processor will work well for this purpose.
  2. A steamer: You will need a way to cook the vegetables and fruits before puréeing them. A steamer is a good option because it cooks the food without adding any extra fat or oil.
  3. A large pot or saucepan: You will need a pot or saucepan to cook grains, beans, and proteins.
  4. A colander or strainer: You will need a colander or strainer to rinse and drain the cooked grains, beans, and proteins.
  5. Ice cube trays or baby food storage containers: You will need a way to store the puréed food once it has been made. Ice cube trays are a good option because they allow you to portion out small amounts of food that can be thawed as needed. Alternatively, you can use baby food storage containers to store the puréed food in the refrigerator or freezer.
  6. A silicone spoon or spatula: You will need a silicone spoon or spatula to scoop the puréed food into the storage containers. Silicone is a good choice because it is soft and gentle on a baby's gums.

By having these kitchen supplies handy, you can make a variety of healthy and nutritious foods for your baby without the excess sugar and preservatives. Make homemade meals without breaking the bank.

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