The Clever Giraffe Gift Bundle 🦒🤓


Unleash the magic of imagination with our Clever Giraffe Gift Bundle:

🦒 Clever Giraffe Towel: Wrap your little one in whimsy with our white hooded towel featuring an adorable giraffe sporting glasses. Bath time becomes a journey of clever charm and laughter.

🛁 Clever Bath Pouf™: Infuse the bath with the delightful scent of pineapple! Our Clever Bath Pouf in Pineapple Genius adds a burst of tropical fun to the bath, turning it into a sensory-rich and enjoyable experience. Hang after use and will last for up to 3-5 baths!

✈️ Jet by The Clever Baby: Soothe your teething baby with this triple-powered teether by The Clever Baby. Us Jet with medicine, feeding, and teething! With precise markings, mess-free design, and soothing relief, Jet takes care of all your baby's needs. 

Experience the clever charm of our Clever Giraffe Gift Bundle and order today!