Unicorn Dreams Gift Bundle - Where Magical Moments Begin! 🦄✨


Embark on a whimsical journey with our Unicorn Dreams Gift Bundle, a treasure trove of enchantment designed to add a sprinkle of magic to your baby's bath and bedtime routine.

Here's what awaits in this captivating bundle:

🦄 Plush Hooded Unicorn Robe: Wrap your little one in a world of softness and charm with this plush hooded unicorn robe. Adorned in pure white with delightful pink accents, it's perfect for post-bath snuggles or cozy bedtime adventures. It's made to fit babies 0-9 months!

🛀 Clever Dough™ Body Wash Balls: Elevate bath time to new heights with the soothing fragrance of lavender Clever Dough Body Wash Balls. Let your baby mold, shape, and wash with joy, transforming routine into a sensory adventure of creativity and cleanliness.

✨ Baby Unicorns Mirror Book: Immerse your baby in a bedtime wonderland with this unique mirror book. Filled with adorable unicorn illustrations and whimsical designs, the mirrored pages create a magical reflection for both you and your little one to enjoy during story time.

✈️ Jet by The Clever Baby: Elevate teething relief with Jet, our innovative teether and medicine dispenser. Its plane-shaped design brings joy to tiny hands, providing relief to back teeth without the fuss. Easy to grasp, easy to measure – Jet makes teething and medicine time a smooth journey through the clouds.

Make your baby's bath and bedtime a journey into a realm of enchantment. Order now and sprinkle a dash of unicorn joy into your baby's routine! 🦄💖