How the Idea for Jet Came to Us

During the summer a few years back, we were getting ready to go somewhere. As you can imagine, with six kids, it takes us a minute to get everyone – and everything - together to get out the door.

We wanted to feed our youngest son, J.J., before we left so we didn’t have to do it on the go. We were already running late and, in typical fashion, feeding J.J. with a spoon was a messy and slow process.

J.J. was also teething at the time and we had just given him his medicine. The medicine dispenser happened to be sitting on the counter next to J.J.’s baby food. As time ticked by, and the mess was steadily increasing, my husband and I looked at the dispenser, and then each other, and decided to try feeding him with the dispenser instead of the spoon. Success! J.J. loved it, and was smiling from ear to ear. It was so much faster with much less mess!

As the experience was so great for us all, we searched to see if something like the medicine dispenser existed on the market for baby feeding. We wanted something that was cute too. We couldn’t find anything! It was then that we decided - if we wanted what we were looking for, we would have to create it ourselves!

We thought about different shapes that could fit on top of the dispenser, and also thought it would be helpful for it to be made out of a teething material to help soothe sore gums! We were initially thinking animal designs, but then my husband suggested a plane, which fit perfectly with creating feeding time fun – “here comes the plane!” – and Jet was born!

I thought of the name, Jet, because it is complementary to J.J. (aka “the clever baby”).

Jet is the first-of-its-kind baby food feeder, medicine dispenser and teether all-in-one – it’s a smart spoon for babies! Jet makes feeding time a breeze! Whether you are using formula or baby food, Jet takes the guesswork out of how much food your baby is eating – without the mess! It’s a fast, fun, easy and clean way to feed your baby, and great for traveling or on the go! With Jet, everyone looks forward to feeding time! Jet makes giving medicine more fun and is great to help with teething! Simply chill the teether to provide soothing relief from sore gums!

We look forward to publishing stories about the adventures of J.J. and Jet, and creating more products to make parents’ lives easier and bring joy to babies!

Tricia Meyer is Co-Founder of The Clever Baby, mom of 6 kids and an award-winning entrepreneur and lawyer, named on Forbes Next1000 list and recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business as one of the most influential female lawyers in Chicago.

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